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3월 5일 전국 미국 간호사 노조/ 캘리포니아 간호사 노조 화상 컨퍼런스

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간호사 노조 에서 코로나 바이러스 감염확산에 대한 RN (간호사) 설문조사를 실시했고 그 결과 발표를 오늘 했습니다.

미국은 코로나 바이러스 증상이 없으면 확진 검사를 진행 안하고 있었습니다. 어제 오늘 상황이 좀 달라지는 추세이고, 미국 간호사 노조에서 이 부분을 비판하고

오늘 행간에서 발표한 성명서랑 내용은 비슷합니다.  

Employers Must Prepare to Keep You Safe!

In situations like this one where knowledge is lacking about a health threat, there is often debate about what actions to take and when. Too often healthcare employers prioritize saving money over safe care and wait to act— this is unacceptable.  

Hospitals and other healthcare employers have the duty and responsibility to prepare ahead of time to protect staff and patients. And in situations like the current outbreak, to follow the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle states that we should not wait until we know for sure that something is harmful before we take action to protect people’s health. Full precautions mean anticipatory or protective action must be taken to prevent possible or further harm.

Following the precautionary principle is necessary to protect nurses and other healthcare workers from the hazard posed by an emerging infectious disease like COVID-19. Nurses and other healthcare workers have a fundamental right to a safe and healthful workplace and infectious diseases should be no exception. The full protection of healthcare workers is a fundamental and necessary part of limiting the spread of viruses.  

Of employers, NNU is asking the following:

  1. Employers shall implement plans and protocols in response to COVID-19 based on the precautionary principle, which holds that lacking scientific consensus that a proposed action, policy, or act is not harmful – particularly if that harm has the potential to be catastrophic – such action, policy, or act should not be implemented and the maximum safeguards should be pursued.
  2. Employers shall clearly communicate with all RNs/health care workers, including notifying nurses when there is a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case.
  3. Employers shall provide education and training for all RNs/health care workers, including on protective gear, donning and doffing, and all other protocols relating to COVID-19.
  4. Employers shall provide the highest level of protection, including functioning negative pressure rooms and personal protective equipment for nurses providing care to possible and confirmed COVID-19 cases. Employers must ensure negative pressure rooms remain functional at all times during use. The highest level of PPE must include PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator), coveralls meeting ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials) standard, gloves, temporary scrubs, and other protections.
  5. Employers shall plan for a surge of patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19, including plans to isolate, cohort, and provide safe staffing.
  6. Employers shall conduct a thorough investigation after a COVID patient is identified to ensure all staff and individuals who were exposed are identified and notified. Any nurse/health care worker who is exposed to COVID-19 will be placed on precautionary leave for at least 14 days and will maintain pay and other benefits during the full length of that leave.


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